Lee Stranahan Exposes DNC Scandal & Wintrich’s Briefing Room Assault, But Told Not To Cover Briefings?


Guest Post by Carter

On March 20th, 2017 Lee Stranahan, a veteran Breitbart journalist with a sparkling record, published his 3,400 word article titled: “Fix Is In: Comey Praised DNC-Hired Cybersecurity Firm Even After Botched Report” detailing the massive shortcomings of FBI Director Comey and Crowdstrike, the cybersecurity firm mentioned in Stranahan’s headline. 

In his own words to a public audience via his Periscope account, Stranahan livestreamed a detailed 19-minute tell-all regarding his current state with his employer Breitbart, editor Matthew Boyle, as well as a very important question he was hoping to ask White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

“I’m up against something frightening, I guess,” Stranahan stated at the beginning of his livestream, he continued cautiously, “I don’t want to overhype it or anything.” He went on to state that his job is at jeopardy and that he is sitting on one of biggest, if not the biggest, political story at the moment. Stranahan went on to ask his audience if he had made “the company” – Breitbart – look good or bad during his time in the White House briefing room insinuating that he has only tried to make his employer look good. 

Stranahan has been ordered by Breitbart editor Matthew Boyle to not go to the White House and attend the press briefings specifically so that he cannot ask his pertinent question to Spicer. Boyle has asked Stranahan to keep his story on Breitbart where only a limited audience will be able to see the story.

The question Mr. Stranahan wished to ask of Spicer is as follows. This a direct quote from the Periscope livestream:

“Sean, one day ago the President asked in a tweet whether the FBI had examined the DNC servers. Well, we know in fact that that did not happen. On January 10th, James Comey testified in front of the senate despite multiple requests at different levels. The FBI was denied access to the DNC servers. So the question is, given the fact that all the information about these servers came from a company hired by the DNC called ‘Crowdstrike’, all of the information, according to James Comey, came from that group. And given the fact that that group is, #1 employed by the DNC, and #2 that they released a report in December that was completely false, trying to tie Russian hacking into the loss of Ukrainian howitzers, an event the Ukrainian Defense Ministry says never happened, Sean how can you tell the American people who are looking for clarity on this how it is justified if this is a national security issue that the FBI did not look at those servers.” 

Boyle’s story-squashing behavior does not end there . . . Recently Boyle told Stranahan to stop writing about the assault on Gateway Pundit’s own White House Correspondent Lucian Wintrich by the deranged John Decker claiming no one wants to hear about that and subsequently reassigns Stranahan to a story about a pro-Ryancare Wall Street banker, or in other words, white noise news.

Stranahan’s impeccable career should speak for itself and he should not have to be bossed around by a younger and less experienced individual like Boyle.


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