Kellyanne Conway Slams Nancy Pelosi Over Dem Congressman’s Vulgar Joke: ‘She Had Nothing to Say’ (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway slammed Nancy Pelosi’s lack of response to a member of her own Caucus attacking a woman with a tasteless, sexist joke. ‘I was very disappointed in Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, she had nothing to say’.

Kellyanne Conway: “I’m very disappointed in Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. No wonder uh she was a two-term speaker and the majority of the voters were female across the country and they didn’t want her to be Speaker anymore.

I was very disappointed in her. She either was not telling the truth that she wasn’t aware of it, or it’s not important enough to her Caucus that they would bring this to her attention and ask her. This person who says everyday-this person should recuse, that one should resign, that one should go be impeached…she had nothing to say about a member of her, a Democratic Congressman, a member of her Caucus issuing such a tasteless, sexist joke…”

Of course Nancy Pelosi had nothing to say. Nancy Pelosi is just like every other 3rd wave feminist, she only cares about leftist women who agree with her. It’s open season on Conservative women. If a Republican man had made the same exact ‘joke’ about a leftist woman, the calls for his resignation or firing would have been heard around the world.


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