Judge Gorsuch Rebuffs Far Left Senator’s Questioning on Trump’s Temporary Travel Ban

Far left Senator Patrick Leahy tried to corner SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch Tuesday during his confirmation hearing.

Leahy attempted to trick Gorsuch on Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban which Leahy insists is a religious ban.

Gorsuch rebuffed the far left lawmaker.


Democrats want US borders open at the expense of American citizens.

FOX News reported:

Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy struggled to pin down Judge Neil Gorsuch Tuesday on President Trump’s controversial travel ban, as the Supreme Court nominee smoothly sidestepped questions relating to the policy currently on hold by the courts.

Gorsuch instead directed the contentious cross-examination into more general terrain where Gorsuch could advocate for religious liberty, without commenting on the specifics of the case.

“I will apply the law,” Gorsuch vowed, during the second day of his Senate confirmation hearing.

Leahy initially had tried to get the 10th Circuit Court judge to comment on the notion of a “religious litmus test for entry into the United States,” in apparent reference to Trump’s attempt to suspend immigration and travel from six mostly Muslim countries and the refugee program.

Gorsuch parried, refusing to discuss issues that could come before a court he sits on.

“Would the president have the authority to ban all Jews from America? Or all people that come from Israel? Would that be an easy question?” Leahy asked.

“Senator, we have a Constitution, and it does guarantee free exercise. It also guarantees equal protection of the laws. And a whole lot else besides,” Gorsuch said. “… I will apply the law faithfully and fearlessly and without regard to persons.”

Leahy countered: “How about in regards to religion?”

“Anyone, any law is gonna get a fair and square deal with me,” Gorsuch said.

Asked about a hypothetical religious test to serve in the military, Gorsuch finally yielded, calling such a proposed rule “inappropriate” and “against the law.”

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