Ivanka Trump Gets West Wing Office – Making Her One of the Most Powerful Women in the World

The Trump administration announced on Monday that President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump will get an office in the West Wing of the Trump White House.

Of course this news immediately triggered an outcry from the left with charges of “nepotism” flying around left, right and centre.

The only problem though is Ivanka’s Trump has no official position which in turn means she isn’t breaking any laws. There’s no ruling on who can and can’t enter the White House and give advise to the president. If that was the case then every reporter at the White House press briefing would be breaking the law.


The left has attacked every single member of the Trump family – from attacks on Baron to abusive attacks directed towards Ivanka and her family.

Ivanka has already made a major contributions to the Trump administration. An example of this came last week when Ivanka attended a round-table event organised by the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

One of the attendees, Lili Gil Valletta, wrote after the meeting,

“This is a historic first, making it her first meeting with Latina entrepreneurs. We talked about our businesses, the challenges we face as women and left the door open to jointly collaborate to advance opportunities for all women.”

What makes this so incredible is that it is the FIRST EVER meeting of top Latina entrepreneurs in the the history of our great country.

This move by the Trump administration makes Ivanka one of the most powerful women in the world.
Congratulations, Ivanka.

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