HUGE! Obama Defense Official & Hillary Adviser Evelyn Farkas Was Illegally Fed Secret Trump Info (VIDEO)

Earlier this month Evelyn Farkas, the former Assistant Defense Secretary under the Obama administration and a top Hillary Clinton campaign advisor, admitted on MSNBC that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump Transition team and sending top secret information to “friends” on “The Hill.”

This clip of Evelyn Farkas was ignored by the media until Conservative Treehouse and Gateway Pundit reported on this yesterday.

On Wednesday night Jay Sekulow outlined the legal ramifications for the Obama administration and Evelyn Farkas on Hannity.


We are now looking at several felonies committed by the Obama administration.

Jay Sekulow: At the time that she said that she was made aware of the intelligence she was no longer an employee of the State Department. So what you have to ask the first thing a lawyer would ask if why would a former employee find out about this information if she was gone? Number two, we were concerned about the Obama administration involved in this would be known by the Trump administration. Well, guess what? The Trump administration. Well guess what? The president of the United States is Donald Trump.

Listen to the rest here—
Via Hannity:

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