Greg Gutfeld Goes Off On Rapper ‘Bow Wow’ After He Threatened Melania Trump on Twitter (VIDEO)

Former child star and rapper Bow Wow sent a series of rude and derogatory tweets to Melania Trump. And Greg Gutfield was not happy.

The rapper-turned-actor, who goes by his given name Shad Moss, defended his uncle Snoop Dogg after President Donald Trump‘s response to Snoop’s music video, in which he mock shoots the president in the head.

In his tweet, Moss told the president to “shut your punk a** up talking sh-t about my uncle @SnoopDogg” before we pimp your wife and make her work for us”.

Bow Wow vs Greg Gutfeld

Well i think it’s fair to say that Greg Gutfeld was not too happy about these comments.

Gutfeld unloaded a barrage of insults on the liberal rapper. Calling him a “Little b*tch”.

He then followed this up by saying.

“Meanwhile, don’t hold your breath for any feminist or media outrage,” cautioned Gutfeld. “It’s not like he threatened Michelle Obama… different rules apply.”

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