‘Free Speech Bus’ Rolls into Harvard – Is Greeted with Bomb Threats and Protests

A ‘free speech bus’ drove through Boston on Thursday en route to Harvard Square and was met with protesters and bomb threats.

So much for free speech!

Red Alert Politics reports:


After being vandalized and graffitied during its recent trip through New York City, the bus arrived in Boston this morning, stopping at City Hall, the State House, and Cambridge, consecutively. It made its final stop at Harvard Square, where it was met with dozens of angry protesters and threats to blow up the vehicle.

Transgender lobbyists who attended the protests called the bus ‘discriminatory’ and ‘hateful.’ Messages written on the bus included “downright frightening” lines such as “boys are boys,” and “girls are girls.”

Only two people were reportedly inside the bus as it entered Cambridge: the bus driver and one passenger.

You just can’t make this stuff up. A ‘free speech bus‘ met with bomb threats from loving tolerant liberals. More proof that the left are indeed the fascists who threaten anyone who dares disagree with them.


(Photo taken from Twitter)

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