Florida Governor Replaces Soros Funded State Attorney in Cop Killer Death Penalty Case

Orlando, FL – Florida State Attorney, Aramis Ayala announced on Thursday that she would not be seeking the death penalty in any case, including the case of a man accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and a police officer, the state’s Governor, Rick Scott asked her to recuse herself from the Markeith Loyd case, CBS reports.

Via CBS:

When Ayala refused, Governor Rick Scott removed her.

“I completely disagree with State Attorney Ayala’s decision and comments,” Scott said. “She has made it abundantly clear that she will not fight for justice for Lt. Debra Clayton and our law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day.”

“I have seen the video of Markeith Loyd executing Lt. Debra Clayton while she lay defenseless on the ground. She was given no chance to live. A cop killer — who also killed his pregnant girlfriend — should not be given that chance,” Orlando police Chief John Mina said in a statement posted to Twitter. “The heinous crimes that he committed in our community are the very reason we have the death penalty as an option under the law.”

WKMG reports that Gov. Scott assigned State Attorney Brad King to the Loyd case in an executive order issued Thursday afternoon.

Why wouldn’t Ayala seek the death penalty for a man who murdered a police officer and his pregnant girlfriend? If anything, this type of case is exactly why we have the death penalty….look at this monster…


Enter the Soros connection. Aramis Ayala’s campaign was funded by a Soros-related PAC which reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on t.v. commercials and other advertising to help get her elected.

Scott Powers of Florida Politics reported back in August of 2016:

A political action committee associated with George Soros has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on television commercials and other advertising to get Aramis Ayala elected state attorney in the Orlando-based 9th Judicial Circuit.

Federal Communication Commission records show Safety & Justice has purchased at least $152,745 in TV commercials on WESH-TV (NBC Channel 2) and another $94,000 on WFTV (ABC Channel 9.) Other paperwork has been filed at other Orlando TV stations to place commercials, including at WKMG (CBS Channel 6) and WOFL (Fox Channel 35, but ad buy reports have not yet been posted by the FCC.

He also has contributed to black rights causes throughout the world, and is reportedly a big financial backer of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Read the full report from Florida Politics here.

George Soros is behind the Black Lives Matter riots and violence. Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization who advocates for cop killing resulting in many police officers being senselessly murdered on the job.

It is believed that Ayala has chosen to not seek the death penalty for this cop killer because of her connection to George Soros. I guess black lives don’t matter if you’re a police officer or a defenseless pregnant woman.

Governor Rick Scott made the right decision to have Ayala replaced on this case.

The victims in this case along with an unborn child…


Some of the reactions on Twitter…



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