FAR LEFT PROTEST Planned at Nashville Pro-Trump Rally with TGP’s Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit founder and editor Jim Hoft is speaking today at the Pro-Trump Rally in downtown Nashville.

Several thousand are expected to attend the rally today.

The left is organizing counter-protests to disrupt the rally.

Antifa terrorists rioted in Washington DC on Inauguration Day. Over 200 leftists were indicted on felony rioting charges. (Andrew Marcus photo)

Antifa domestic terrorists announced their plans to disrupt the March 4th pro-Trump rallies earlier this week.

Antifa at work (It’s Going Down website)


The Tennessee far left mob posted a counterprotest for today’s rally.

The protesters are meeting at 11 and then marching to the Pro-Trump protest to confront Trump supporters.

This could be interesting.
The sheriffs brought their bomb-sniffing dogs to protect the Trump supporters today at the Nashville.

This what we have after eight years of Barack Obama.
Bomb sniffing dogs are needed when conservatives meet in public.
Thanks Obama.

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