Fake News: Left-Wing Politico Disses Trump, Calls Merkel Leader of the Free World

Politico Magazine published another propaganda piece. This time they referred to Merkel as the Leader of the Free World’ instead of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Today, President Trump met with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel to discuss the refugee crisis. Politico Magazine ran a fake news headline: ‘Today, the leader of the free world is meeting with Donald Trump at the White House’. Really?

Perhaps the most laughable part of the article is when they claimed Merkel is the only leader in Europe who has a plausible claim to moral leadership. I guess invading your own country with military aged men who are raping your women is considered ‘moral leadership’ by Politico’s standards.


The German chancellor is the only leader in Europe who even has a plausible claim to moral leadership. As a victim of Soviet communism, Merkel was always going to be listened to carefully on the question of morality. And given her longevity she was always going to be respected. But it was her unexpected decision to accept some 1 million refugees that established her moral credentials, especially since no other political leader has taken such a political risk.

I find it interesting that Politico acknowledged that Syria is a disaster (which happened under Obama’s failed policies) yet they somehow spin it to be Trump’s sin:

Not recently. After “leading from behind”—way behind—during the six years of civil war in Syria, Washington was seen as abdicating its traditional role. So the mantle of leadership was empty until Merkel stepped in to help hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war and chaos.

Trump not only rejects the idea that the United States should act to prevent tragedies like Syria but also that it should help care for the millions of refugees fleeing the conflict.

And of course the fake news propagandists can’t publish an article without mentioning Russia or Putin…

The contrast in substance is just as stark. From the Eurozone meltdown to the refugee surge, Merkel has been through multiple crises. She has no illusions about Vladimir Putin and the spy-ridden Kremlin team running Russia, and places a high value on quiet diplomacy, free trade, international law and the institutions of the European Union.

Clearly Merkel is the leader of the free world, not Donald Trump because in Germany you can face charges for speaking out against Islamic terrorism. In Germany, you have to accept the Islamic rape epidemic as ‘the new normal’. In Germany you have to accept terrorism as a way of life. How freeing indeed!

This is especially insulting given how many men we have lost in wars. Someone needs to remind Politico that it was the United States who was freeing people during World War 2, not Germany.

A real leader secures the borders. A real leader protects the citizens. Donald Trump is a real leader of the free world because without security you cannot have freedom.


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