Fake News: CNN Cuts Live Feed AGAIN as Obamacare Victim Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Well, it looks like the ‘T.V. Gremlins’ got to CNN’s live feed again. CNN cuts off woman as she shares her financial struggles as a business owner and cattle rancher with President Trump due to stifling Obamacare costs.

Obamacare victim: “Our rates are 3 times what they were before Obamacare started. We have one provider in our County. We have very little options for what we can and cannot do.

We’re a small business owner. We’re actually not a brick and mortar, we are actually cattle ranchers. We can’t afford our equipment if we are paying these rates year after year after year. Our food source is in jeopardy because of this healthcare law…it’s my basic.”

Trump: “I know.”

CNN: “Just lost the tape there from the White House. The President had a listening session in the White House…”

It looks like CNN needs a better engineer who can fix this problem once and for all. They always seem to lose their live feed when something important is being reported. Hmmmm…



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