Obama Official Farkas Changes Story! Now Says: “I Had No Insider Info” to Dodge Felony Charges

Former Asst. Defense Secretary, Evelyn Farkas is under heavy fire for her March 2nd appearance on MSNBC where she admitted to knowing that the Trump camp was being surveilled. She is trying to do some damage control so she appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to walk back her statements.

Remember, Donald Trump didn’t tweet about Trump Tower being ‘wiretapped’ until March 4th. Farkas said in her March 2nd interview, (prior to Trump informing the public about the wiretapping claim) that she knew about intelligence being gathered on the Trump folks. Huh? How did she know if not for insider info. There was only a few New York Times articles that vaguely mentioned it by this time.

Today, in her interview with CNBC, she claimed she only knew what was already in the press. What?! There was nothing in the press about Trump being spied on until 2 days AFTER her appearance on MSNBC! Time to lawyer up, Farkas! The wagons are circling…


Farkas: “

“We were having a transition of power from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. If indeed there was an investigation ongoing, if indeed there was information the Obama administration had about Russian interference and possible American involvement, I wanted to make sure Congress knew about it,” she said on “Squawk Box.”

I was out of the government at the time all this came out into the press and I only knew what I read in the press, but KNOWING-uh HEARING that our intelligence community was looking into this, investigating into what had happened. Understanding the relationship between Wikileaks and the Russian government I could kinda read between the lines and I became very concerned even without having any inside information.”

The Democrats’ hubris is the gift that keeps giving. If Farkas had any common sense, she would never have made this appearance on CNBC. She should have retained an attorney immediately and SHUT UP. The more she blabs on about what she knew, the more she is incriminating herself. Just look at how nervous she was in this interview compared to her last one…


And of course she was trying to do some damage control on her Twitter account claiming she ‘didn’t give anybody anything except advice re Russia’. We want to know how you had access to this intelligence being that you were no longer in your government position, Farkas. Grab the popcorn!

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