EMAIL LEAKS CONFIRM: Hillary’s Health Was In Question As Early As 2010, Huma Asked To Plan Funeral

In recently leaked emails, it has been exposed that Hillary’s health and life expectancy was up for questioning as early as 2010. 


Capricia Marshall, the chief of protocol for the Clinton-run State Department during the Obama Administration, sent an email out to Huma Abedin, Doug Band, and Cheryl Mills on February 23rd of 2010. Capricia Marshall was concerned as, “every time someone significant passes, I am flooded with requests” about Hillary Clinton’s arrangements. Via NY Post:

“Planning is necessary and best done when they are still with us,” she wrote to top Clinton aide Abedin.

“As well, Huma, I would make the same suggestion to you — for her it will be a little different … And once affirmed it will be very hard for someone to deny the type of ceremony she wanted — as well I understand that the President can request certain arrangements for her that she/her rep cannot (ie if you want the motorcade to go through DC — stop somewhere),” Marshall wrote in one email.

She told the aides she needed to contact the military to prepare for the funerals — “as Protocol has a lot to do with planning, notification etc.”

Another message from March 2010 shows the level of tension that existed among some Clinton advisers when Band asked Abedin to follow through with a request by Chelsea Clinton to set up a White House tour for a Haitian-American sailor from the USS Comfort.

“I don’t want to get cross wise with cdm [Cheryl Mills] on anything Haiti related,” Abedin replied.

Three minutes later she wrote again.

“Have you met Cheryl Mills,” Abedin asked in all caps about Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff when she was secretary of state. “You have no idea.”

Band replied, “Good point.”

“She will kill the tour if she find out i set it up …,” Abedin wrote back.

“Wow,” Band replied.

This is important because the #FakeNews liberal media is STILL covering for Hillary and denying she has any health issues.


Just last weekend “60 Minutes” host Scott Pelley attacked Trump supporter Mike Cernovichfor reporting on Hillary’s health during the campaign.
At one point Cernovich stumped “journalist” Scott Pelley.  This came during their discussion on Sick Hillary.  The media still claims Hillary was in tip-top form  and was not sick when she collapsed at Ground Zero and had to be chucked in her Scooby van like a side of beef.

Mike Cernovich had an epic response:

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