Dinesh D’Souza: Preet Bharara a ‘Ruthless and Deceitful Guy’ (VIDEO)

Dinesh D’Souza cheered the firing of U.S. attorney, Preet Bharara on Saturday. Today, he appeared on Fox & Friends and called him a ‘ruthless and deceitful guy’ who politically prosecuted him for being a conservative.

D’Souza: “…He (Preet Bharara) is a ruthless and a very deceitful guy. The first thing that’s highlighted inside my case file is ‘I’m a conservative’. This should be completely irrelevant in the decision whether to prosecute me. It should be beside the point. But of course in Bharara’s case it was the point.

This was a political prosecution conducted by Bharara as a henchman for the Obama administration.

And so for me this is actually kind of nice. When I was in confinement, Bharara was laughing. Now that he’s unemployed, I’m kinda laughing.”

No doubt Dinesh D’Souza was heavily persecuted for being a conservative. Read about the Mao-like tactics used against him here.


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