David Letterman Goes Off on POTUS Trump: “A Joke of a Wealthy Guy” and “Ignorant”

Santa Claus, er David Letterman, calls Donald Trump ignorant!

David Letterman doesn’t get much attention now that he is retired.  In order to get his beard noticed, he does what all of Hollywood is doing… takes shots at the Commander in Chief.  From and article by Taylor Maple, of Good Morning America, Letterman couldn’t be more off – base with his insult of POTUS Trump.

“He is a joke of a wealthy guy,” he told Vulture. “We didn’t take him seriously. He’d sit down, and I would just start making fun of him. He never had any retort. He was big and doughy, and you could beat him up. He seemed to have a good time, and the audience loved it, and that was Donald Trump.”

It’s quite amazing that Letterman would call a billionaire a “joke of a wealthy guy”. Trump has built an empire and has provided jobs for thousands.  Furthermore, anyone who has seen Donald Trump being interviewed, before and after the election, sees his amazing sense of humor.  And he never has a retort?! Obviously Letterman doesn’t listen to any of  President Trump’s speeches.  What is truly hypocritical is David Letterman calling Donald Trump “ignorant and insulting.”

“In addition to every other thing that’s wrong with the Trump, he’s ignorant in a way that’s insulting to the office, insulting to America, insulting to human rights, insulting to civil rights, insulting to John Lewis,” said Letterman.

This is an interesting observation and criticism from a man who made a living making fun of, and insulting, people!  Letterman needs to spend more time looking for a new beard trimmer and less time mouthing off about the president.

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