Conservative Firebrand Lucian Wintrich Set to Speak at NYU on March 23rd


Lucian Wintrich, Photo by Steven Gindler

Guest Post by Carter

The liberal army never misses a chance to harass and harangue any individual with a contradictory viewpoint, or lifestyle. Take, for example, political artist, journalist, White House correspondent, and rising conservative media star Lucian Wintrich. His talks for College Republicans have been postponed three times by two New York institutions; twice  at NYU and once at Columbia University. The disgraceful rejection of an open dialogue did not go unnoticed as Wintrich has finally been granted the opportunity to speak at NYU. The talk is set to take place on Thursday March 23rd at 7PM on the NYU campus. 

Wintrich waxed about the topic with his usual eloquence:


“I’m excited to finally be able to enlighten future generations about the all too liberal and propaganda filled collegiate environment.”


Ideally, he hopes to have a conversation about a wide berth of topics;.  Despite security being tight there have been multiple calls to administrators to shut the event down.   Originally the talk was supposed to be fully open to the public, but due to some concerns, it has been reformatted as an event for NYU students only.

What seems to most interest Wintrich at this point in time is the way that the left completely derails and regresses art and culture at large. It would not be absurd to say that the left has completely commandeered the arts and the cultural reigns have been totally ceded over, this seems like a way to manipulate an ideal that does not give an equal share of the creative outreach for fear of being ostracized, which Wintrich knows a lot about firsthand.

His extremely successful and controversial conservative art show featured a number of contributors including Gave McInnes, who parodied SJW culture and the left at large, with his series “HASHTAGS” featuring photographs with unimportant issues ascribed to each. Wintrich’s art show also featured the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos and pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli. Overall it was a wild success but it earned Wintrich disdain from the left and the art scene as a whole.

 Wintrich spoke on the insanity of SJW and PC culture briefly recently, commenting: “In New York – you can get signed to a modeling agency if you take a hormone pill and call yourself a woman. It’s crazy how righteous these people think they are.”

 The talk, which promises to be highly insightful, will discuss the topic of the whole “transsexual” craze that seems to have much of the young, oppressed SJWs so captivated in New York. Beyond this, he will discuss his views on the “LGBT community” being an oppressive force, and his personal background that has led to his conservative beliefs and career in media.

Wintrich will also tackle the topic of African-Americans in America and the strange case of the Black Lives Matter movement. Along with Black Lives Matter, Wintrich will discuss women’s groups and feminism as a whole, he will point out the hypocrisy of the American movement and its direct ties to Islam through allies like Linda Sarsour, a self-proclaimed “political activist”, and others who promote violence. There has been a religious il-liberalizaiton of the liberal left and it is evident in the behavior of its citizen representatives and organizers, and Wintrich will tell you all about it.

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