CNN Host Forced To Eat Human Brains After ‘Hindu’ Cannibal Threatens to Decapitate Him (VIDEO)

CNN presenter, Reza Aslan was forced to eat human brains while he was filming a documentary series called ‘Believer’. This particular episode, Aslan focused on the ‘Aghori’ Hindu sect in Tulsi Gabbard which practices cannibalism. 

There are less than 100 Aghori ‘Hindu’s’ and their practices are condemned by the over 1 billion practicing Hindu’s. Aslan received a huge backlash from Hindu’s for portraying them in this light.

Aslan had human ashes spread on his face as he sat with the Aghori during their ritual. As soon as Aslan asked why people on the other side of the river are so afraid of the Aghori, the guru became very hostile.

Aghori: “Should we eat the living? Shall I show you by eating my own flesh? Then call me an Aghori.

Aslan: “I see. Um why, why do-“

Aghori: “I will cut your head off if you keep talking so much!”

At this point you can see the fear on Aslan’s face as he starts to regret his decision to film this segment. He motioned for his Director, Ben Selkow to come over.

Aslan to Selkow: “I feel like this may have been a mistake..maybe just like someone distracts him and I just leave. I can be very polite about it.

At this point the Aghori offers Aslan human brains and he eats it.

I guess the left has been right the whole time about their Utopian views of the world and that all cultures are the same.

VIDEO (Disturbing content)

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