CNN Very Fake News Asks: ‘Is the President Afraid of Stairs?’ (VIDEO)

Very fake news CNN ran with a laughable story where they asked, ‘Is the President afraid of stairs?’. And they wonder why they are so loathed by the majority of Americans including our own President.

It looks like CNN came up for some air and took a break from reporting on Russian conspiracies. Instead of reporting on something truthful or important (impossible for them anyway), they decide to investigate whether or not President Trump is afraid of stairs.

Never mind the fact that President Trump is a 70 year old man with a grueling schedule often running on minimal sleep and traveling to different time zones on a regular basis. He must holding onto railings because he is terrified of stairs.

I don’t recall CNN talking about Hillary Clinton holding onto railings just to be able to stand up in place. Or when she was practically carried up a few steps…

Yes, this is the video below as conservative activist Mark Dice mocks them with some funny commentary…



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