Bye, Bye EU! PM May Signs Letters, Initiates BREXIT Departure (VIDEO)

March 28th, 2017 the U.K. files EU divorce papers.

Nine months later and British Prime Minister Theresa May is prepared to help the Britons leave the EU. The notification of EU Council President Donald Tusk comes some forty years after the U.K. joined the coordinated European bloc.

May was initially a vocal opponent to Brexit but following the referendum vote and her election shortly after, she had no choice but to back her citizens and follow through on the movement to leave.

A Reuters report featured comments from May’s office on the topic:

“Now that the decision has been made to leave the EU, it is time to come together,” May will tell lawmakers, according to comments supplied by her office.

“When I sit around the negotiating table in the months ahead, I will represent every person in the whole United Kingdom – young and old, rich and poor, city, town, country and all the villages and hamlets in between,” May will say.

On the eve of Brexit, May, 60, has one of the toughest jobs of any recent British prime minister: holding Britain together in the face of renewed Scottish independence demands, while conducting arduous talks with 27 other EU states on finance, trade, security and a host of other complex issues.

The actual leaving of the EU won’t occur until 2019, in the interim the British government will do all it can to establish a positive relationship with the European Union and its members in the wake.

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