BREAKING: Secret Service Arrest Intruder at White House (VIDEO)

Secret Service arrested an intruder at the White House just before midnight on Friday. He breached security by jumping over the fence on the south side of the White House. It is believed President Trump was home in the Executive residence at the time.

President Trump was in no immediate danger; the identity of the intruder is still unknown.

Fox News reporter: “Officials just confirmed to Fox-here’s what we know…a man wearing a backpack jumped the fence over on the south side of the White House. The south side is the side over by the National Mall, over by the Washington Monument.

So a man with a backpack jumped the fence and then made his way all the way to the south portico entrance of the White House. Officials say President Trump in no way was in any immediate danger.

The Secret Service was able to arrest this man. We don’t know his name yet. As for that backpack…officials say that they weren’t able to find anything dangerous or hazardous inside that backpack. They did search and screen it and they searched the entire grounds here at the White House.”

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