BREAKING: Leftist Thugs BEAT Peaceful Trump Supporters At Berkeley #March4Trump Rally (VIDEO)

On a day that was meant to celebrate the President of the United States and show appreciation for his commitment to making America great again, things turned ugly in Berkeley, CA.

At a #March4Trump rally, the same ANTIFA thugs that caused widespread chaos at Milo’s speaking event at Berkeley U., sparked a huge brawl. reports:

Videos circulated on social media of fighting and other unrest at the Berkeley, California “March4Trump” rally on March 4.

The “March4Trump” rallies occurred throughout the country. Thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered in states and cities – including in Berkeley – across the country to participate in #March4Trump rallies, also called #SpiritofAmerica Rallies. The March 4 Trump rallies were meant to give people a place to express their support for the president. You can read a roundup of the “March4Trump” rallies around the country here.

However, in Berkeley, things quickly started getting out of hand. Videos and photos circulated on social media of fights and people being pepper sprayed. There was a report of an elderly man being pepper sprayed. 5Etfw

A number of rally goers were left bloodied by violent rioters. 5Etfw 5Etfw

Other rioters burned hats at the rally. 5Etfw

Here is additional footage of the chaotic scene:

Police began making arrests after being called to the scene 5Etfw

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