Bill O’Reilly on Hillary’s Call for Unity: A Bunch of BS, Worst Candidate I’ve Seen in 40 Years (Video)

On Saturday Hillary Clinton crawled out of the woods to deliver a speech in Pennsylvania on St. Patrick’s Day. Hillary called on the country to listen to each other. Bill O’Reilly called Hillary’s speech complete BS. He added that Hillary was the worst candidate he’s seen in 40 years.

Bill O’Reilly: That’s the biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever heard in my life. I mean this is the most divisive woman in the country and she runs around like she wants us to listen to each other?… You know I don’t bear Hillary Clinton any ill will at all. She was the worst candidate I have ever seen in my entire life covering news for more than 40 years. I just hope she doesn’t try and get back in the game.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend:

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