Bernie Sanders Admits ‘Obamacare Has Serious Problems, Premiums Are Too High’ (VIDEO)

Socialist crackpot, Bernie Sanders told CNN’s Dana Bash that Obamacare has serious problems and that premiums and deductibles are too high. Ya don’t say! 

Bernie Sanders has no self awareness. He’s admitting far left socialist policies are a big fat failure, yet his solution is ‘more government’. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Dana Bash. “The President is trying to blame Democrats for the GOP failure to repeal and replace Obamacare but he also said that he’d be willing to work with you and Democrats in the Senate and House on a solution…”

Bernie Sanders: “Dana let me begin by saying this, the bill that was defeated should have been defeated. It was a disastrous piece of legislation primarily designed to provide 300 billion dollars in tax breaks to the top 2% , throwing 24 million people off of health insurance, raising premiums for older workers in a very very significant way….

Now as you indicated, of course Obamacare has serious problems. The deductibles are too high, premiums are too high. The cost of healthcare is going up at a much faster rate than it should.”

Bernie Sanders then went on to say that the U.S. needs to ‘join the rest of the civilized world and guarantee healthcare for all people as a right and that’s why I’m going to introduce a Medicare for all, single-payer program’.

Here is liberal lunacy in all of its glory, folks. Bernie Sanders sees the failure of socialized healthcare. He sees that the premiums are skyrocketing yet doubles down and believes that the solution is more government.

You see, for people like Bernie Sanders and other ultra left-wing hysterics, the reason why Socialism has never worked is because it has ‘never been done the right way’. This time it will be different.


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