Ayaan Hirsi Blasts Linda Sarsour: ‘She is a Defender of Sharia Law, Fake Feminist’ (VIDEO)

Ex-Muslim, Ayann Hirsi appeared on Fox News to speak out against Sharia law and expose the suffering women experience under Islam. She took a shot at Linda Sarsour who is a pro-Sharia law Muslim and now apparently the face of the feminist movement in the U.S.

Ayaan Hirsi: “…Slavery by ISIS. These are the times we live in with these fake feminists who say they speak for Muslim women, they have never said anything about this.

Linda Sarsour is not a defender of universal human rights. She is a defender of Sharia law. She hates me because I expose what Sharia law is.

We have threats, real threats against women. A real war on women. Our genitals are being cut. 140 million women have been subjected to genital mutilation, child brides, mass rape in Europe. This is the kind of thing we need to be marching against.”

Ayaan Hirsi is absolutely correct. Why don’t feminists ever listen to her? She has first hand experience being abused under Islam.

Linda Sarsour is not for women’s rights. She wants to see every woman under Sharia law, in a Hijab and in a state of subjugation.


Pictured below, pro-Sharia law Linda Sarsour leading a ‘women’s march’. You just can’t make this stuff up!


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