Awful: #NeverTrumpers Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham and Amash Attack TRUMP after Obama Allegedly Caught Wiretapping Trump Tower

President Trump, FOX News sources and former Obama White House officials acknowledged this weekend that the Obama administration wiretapped the opposition candidate at Trump Tower in New York City during and after the 2016 election.

This is the biggest scandal to hit Washington DC since Watergate.

In response #NeverTrump Republicans attacked President Trump.

Senators Ben Sasse (R-NE), Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) attacked President Trump for the illegal activity of the Obama administration.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

The meeting came as some prominent Republicans joined Democrats in calling on the president to explain his claims. Sen. Ben Sasse (R., Neb.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in a written statement Saturday that Mr. Trump should “explain what sort of wiretap it was and how he knows this.”

Mr. Sasse said the president’s statement suggests he may have been illegally tapped, or the courts may have approved a legal wiretap out of national security concerns, which would raise its own set of questions. “We are in the midst of a civilization-warping crisis of public trust, and the president’s allegations today demand the thorough and dispassionate attention of serious patriots,” Mr. Sasse said.

Earlier in the day, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.), told an audience at Clemson University that Mr. Trump’s claim of having been illegally wiretapped, if true, would be “the biggest scandal since Watergate.” He added that he was also “very worried if in fact the Obama administration was able to obtain a warrant lawfully about Trump campaign activity with foreign governments.”

Rep. Justin Amash (R., Mich.), also called on Mr. Trump to share any evidence for his claim, saying on Twitter that the president “should provide more info to Congress immediately to assess constitutionality and legality.”

Messrs. Sasse, Graham and Amash have been among the Republicans most willing to publicly criticize Mr. Trump in the past. Still, few if any Republicans defended his comments Saturday.

Boy, Nebraska! You gotta dump this clown!

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