AG Sessions to Speed Up Deportations of Illegal Aliens in Federal Facilities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday a plan to speed up the deportation of illegal immigrants housed in federal correctional facilities, Fox News reported.

Via Fox News:

Sessions said the Justice Department will expand the Institutional Hearing Program, which identifies removable illegal immigrants who are inmates in federal correctional facilities, provides in-person and video teleconference immigration removal proceedings, and removes them upon completion of sentence.

This is done instead of rather than releasing them to an ICE detention facility or into the community for adjudication of status in an effort to speed up the process.

The expansion of the program will expand the number of active facilities with the program to a total of 14 federal prisons and six contract facilities.

As part of the expansion, each of the facilities will have their video teleconference abilities increased,  and have a new uniform intake policy by April 6.

The Justice Department believes these improvements will speed the process of deporting incarcerated illegal immigrants, and reduce costs to taxpayers.

Deporting illegal aliens who are incarcerated was one of President Trump’s campaign promises. He said that he wanted to start the deportation of illegal aliens beginning with the ones in federal facilities.


One third of our federal prisons are occupied by illegal aliens. They are a huge financial drain on our economy. This is another step to making America great again!

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