Vulgar Leftists Hold Anti-Trump Rally at Sen. Blunt’s Office – Break Law and Block Traffic (VIDEO)

Hundreds of vile anti-Trump protesters marched today in downtown Clayton, Missouri against President Trump’s refugee pause from terror states.

Of course, these same leftists said NOTHING when Obama blocked Iraqi refugees from entering US in 2011.

TGP contributor Adam Sharp was at the protest to record the violence, lawbreaking and vulgarities.


Protests threatened to burn down the city if “things don’t change.”

Ignorant leftists carried signs against bullsh*t capitalism.

This idiot probably doesn’t know she is banned from 16 Muslim countries today.

The lefto-anarchists came out so you knew laws were about to be broken.

Another vulgar leftist.

Someone told this idiot Trump was a dictator.

Here’s video of masked leftists breaking the law and blocking traffic.
(Warning on vulgar language)

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