VIRAL VIDEO Of Mini Horse In A Highchair Eating Carrots Sparks Outrage From Animal Rights Activists

A video surfaced online of a mini horse sitting in a highchair eating carrots. The video was shared from Japan’s Instagram account, Suetoshi Farm. They immediately received backlash from people who claimed this was abusive to the horse’s spine.

Mirror reports:

A video of a miniature horse sitting in a high chair like a baby has sparked outrage online – as people branded it animal abuse.

The little pony was filmed eating carrots from a bowl while awkwardly sitting in the chair – usually used for humans rather than horses.

Japan’s Suetoshi Farm, which shared the clip on Instagram , has received a furious backlash since posting it last week.

Hundreds of people slammed it as “abuse” saying it could seriously damage the horse’s spine.

One wrote: “What stupid f***er thought this was cute. ABUSE.”

Another wrote: “Cute but not good for their back”

And another said: “It’s not funny !!! It’s stupid and cruel.”

I personally think this little guy is adorable; he looks like a stuffed animal!



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