VIDEO: Ted Cruz Forces Bernie Sanders To Admit Obama Lied About Health Care

Ted Cruz Pins Down Socialist Bernie Sanders

On Tuesday night Senator Ted Cruz forced Senator Bernie Sanders to admit that President Barack Obama wasn’t truthful about what would happen to people’s healthcare premiums under Obamacare.


CRUZ:“Since apparently I’m now trying to kill the elderly, let me ask you a question, when you heard that her premiums had skyrocketed, that she can’t afford health insurance, you kind of said, well, premiums always go up.”
“Let me ask you, why did President Obama look in the eyes of the American people and promise Laronda that her health insurance premiums would go down $2500 a year. Was he telling the truth when he said that and were you and the other Democrats telling the truth when you echoed his promise to the American people?”
SANDERS: “Well, Ted, for a start, as everybody knows, health care is pretty complicated. I think President Obama is an honest person, and I think based on his assessment, that’s what he believed.”
CRUZ:“Was it true?”
SANDERS: “Turns out not to be true.”
Senator Sanders then proceeded to make excuses in trying to get out of the question.



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