VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Tells Adopted Woman ‘Your Mom Should’ve Had The Choice To ABORT You’

Nasty Pelosi Makes Outrageous Comment To Adopted Woman

House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, once again made a complete fool out of herself in a recent CNN townhall over comments she made to a college student about abortion.

The college student is a young woman named Brianna Kristyn Roberts who happens to be adopted.

Partial Transcript:

Brianna Kristyn Roberts:

“I am part of the pro-life generation.I believe that abortion is not the answer for unplanned pregnancy.

“My birth mother was faced with a decision that many women today are facing. Without the means of properly raising a child, she chose the most ethical decision and chose adoption. With her courageous and unselfish decision, I now have the ability to thrive and succeed in life.

“Don’t you think everyone needs the ability to thrive and succeed in life?”

Nancy Pelosi:

“You said my mother chose, my mother chose. And we want other people to have … that opportunity to choose as well,”

Pelosi again went on to attack pro-lifers by saying “but many of our friends who are so intent on when life begins in their view,” completely ignoring that modern science and health experts acknowledge that life begins at conception.

This video was posted by Nancy Pelosi on her YouTube channel believing that she did a good job answering this question. Watch Pelosi make a complete fool of herself…



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