VIDEO: Marine Forced To Evacuate Iraq After Telling The Chilling Truth About Trump’s Travel Ban

Marine Gives Amazing Insight Into The Travel Ban

Meet 42-year-old Steven Gern, a former U.S. Marine working as a security specialist in Iraq. On Saturday Gern posted a video that got millions of hits and is only now starting to creep into the American media.

The video Gern made explains the grave threat that people from the seven countries on Trump’s Travel Ban list pose to Americans. The video was viewed so many times that Gern was forced to evacuate, “Apparently, it wasn’t safe for me to remain in the location I was in,” he said in a follow up video.

In his original video Gern explains that a lot of people in Iraq are furious with the Travel ban that Trump has in place. He decides to ask some of the local Iraqis what would happen to an American citizen if they were to walk down the street in Iraq.


The Iraqis told him that the American would be snatched up and killed with an hour.

Gern goes on to say that the point he is trying to make is that this is the locale populace that would do this. This isn’t ISIS, al-Qaeda, or any kind of military personnel. These are just the regular citizens of the country.

He responds to the Iraqis by saying, “If you would do this to me, in your country, why would I let you in my country?”

Below is the original video, the one that forced him to be evacuated from Iraq for his own safety.

Video #1

Only 16 hours after posting this video, Gern was forced to evacuate.

In a follow up video that Gern made on Sunday, Gern says, “If what I said wasn’t 100% true, why in the world would it be so important to get me removed from this country 16 hours after that video was posted?” asks Gern. “Seriously guys – think about it. See y’all back in the States here real soon.”

Video #2


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