VIDEO: Al Sharpton Says Democrats Needs To RETALIATE Against Republicans For Gorsuch Nomination!

Democrat Al Sharpton Says Gorsuch Is Being Nominated To Sit In A Stolen Seat

Liberal moron Al Sharpton said on Wednesday that the Democrats need to give “the big payback” for President Trump nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Sharpton even hinted that the Bible says it’s okay to give payback to your enemies when he quoted out of context, “The Bible says that you sow that–that same thing shall you also reap.”

Partial Transcript:

“He’s being nominated to sit in Garland’s seat. President Barack Obama nominated Judge Garland, who has got as much or more qualifications as this nominee, to have been the Supreme Court judge … They stalled, they filibustered, they would not even give a hearing to Judge Garland. It is time for the Democrats now to say since you changed the rules, you’re going to have to live by the rules that you applied to President Obama’s nominee, and we are not going to allow you to change it, and we will use those rules to block this nominee, Judge Gorsuch.”



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