Papa John’s CEO Says United States Is Becoming 19th Century Germany

Papa John’s CEO Says America Is Becoming 19th Century Germany

According to a  Business Insider article,  Founder and CEO of Papa John’s, John Schnatter, is very concerned about the direction that the United States is heading in for businesses. In Schnatter’s book, “Papa, The Story of Papa John’s Pizza“,  he pulls no punches when discussing what he thinks about the business environment in the United States.

“America in 2016 is on the path to becoming what Germany was in 1867.

“[Germany] was profoundly not a land of opportunity,” Schnatter writes. “If you believed the wrong thing, the government attacked you. If you became successful, the government took your money. And if you dared go against the whims and will of society’s rulers, the government beheaded you.”

Schnatter represents the American dream, starting his pizza business in a broom closet and growing it  into the empire that it is today. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to government regulation, and how that needs to be reigned in .

“You’ve got to have free markets with limited government, with the proper amount of regulation where you don’t jam entrepreneurship,” Schnatter said.

He is open about donating to POTUS Trump’s campaign but doesn’t go too far into politics.

“As far as the politics, I have no idea,” he said. “I do think we ought to give the new administration at least a chance to either do better things or to botch it.”

Businesses like Papa John’s will thrive under a Trump presidency, as opposed to being suffocated under the Obama administration.  This is a win for the American worker.


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