U.S. Senator Admits: America’s Hands Are Just As Dirty As Russia’s

Senator Says U.S. Doesn’t Have Clean Hands

On Wednesday, Senator Chuck Grassley said that intelligence community leaks should concern Americans just as much as foreign meddling in U.S. elections according to The Des Moines Register.

From The Des Moines Register:

Grassley, an Iowa Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also equated apparent Russian interference in the 2016 election with past operations by the United States to influence the outcomes of foreign political contests.

Senator Grassley noted that the type of leaks that took place are illegal and are not protected by whistleblower laws.


Grassley goes on to say that the U.S. has meddled in elections in the past and that “None of this stuff should be going on.”

From The Des Moines Register:

“If you want some history from an 83-year-old person, I can tell you I remember reading about our own CIA trying to influence the Italian voters not to go communist,” Grassley told Iowa reporters. “We very much backed the Christian Democratic Party while the Russian communist party under Stalin was backing the communist party of Italy.”

“Russian involvement in our elections ought to be very seriously considered, just like the French politicians are very nervous about the Russian involvement in their election,” he said. “But we don’t come to this table hands-free. I told you about the 1948 CIA involvement in the Italian elections where the communists were trying to take over the country and Russia was behind that and our CIA got involved. None of this stuff should be going on.”

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