TRUMP MODE: Tom Brady And The Patriots Find A Way To Win; Biggest Comeback in Superbowl History!

Patriots Complete Biggest Comeback In Superbowl History

For the first three quarters of play in the Superbowl 51 the New England Patriots were lifeless. In the final quarter of play however they found a way to channel their inner “Trump,” meaning they found a way to win no matter what. Much has been made of the relationship between the New England Patriots and President Trump. The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the positive relationship between the Owner, Head Coach, and Star Quarterback Tom Brady and how the three strongly support President Trump.

The Patriots found themselves in unfamiliar territory as the were down 21-0 in the second quarter before heading into halftime down 21-3. The Atlanta Falcons increased their lead to 28-3 in the third quarter before the Patriots turned on the magic and made the largest comeback in Superbowl history.

In the final 17:06 minutes of regulation time left in the game the New England Patriots scored one field goal and three touchdowns along with two two-point conversions.

Because of the relationship between the New England Patriots and President Donald Trump it is impossible to ignore the symbolism of the this historic Superbowl win.

No one gave the Patriots a chance of coming back to win the game once they were down 28-3 and needing the largest comeback in Superbowl history to win. In similar fashion, with just weeks remaining in the 2016 Presidential Election no one gave Donald Trump a chance to win the White House yet against all-odds he won in historic fashion which has ushered in a new age in American politics.

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