Trump Admin Cracks Down On #FakeNews By Icing Out CNN

CNN Gets Iced Out By Trump

CNN picked the wrong President to wage war against. On a daily basis one can tune into any number of media outlets and see reports of how CNN is once again distorting the news.

The New York Times recently said that CNN is “Sidelining The Issues And Real Reporting…[and is] Substance Free.” A recent survey from the Washington Times found that CNN is the least trustworthy source of news among TV networks and CNN was crushed by Fox News for inauguration coverage according to Nielsen ratings.

It now appears that the Trump administration is beginning to crack down on fake news by freezing out CNN from interviews.


According to Politico, A CNN reporter said that: The White House is trying to punish the network and force down its ratings.

From Politico:

Administration officials are still answering questions from CNN reporters. But administration officials including White House press secretary Sean Spicer and senior counselor Kellyanne Conway haven’t appeared on the network’s programming in recent weeks.

Spicer, speaking at an event at The George Washington University on Monday, denied that CNN is being frozen out, pointing out that he’s answered CNN’s questions in the regular daily briefings.

But, he added “I’m not going to sit around and engage with people who have no desire to actually get something right.”

Rest assured, even though it seems like just about everybody knows CNN is highly untrustworthy according to articles and surveys, at least the network’s President believes they are better than ever saying, “I think our credibility is higher than ever, and our viewership is higher than ever, and our reporting is as strong as ever.”

CNN’s President says this after previously saying that the network was too liberal last year.

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