TRUMP Calls CNN “Hateful and Angry” News Network – Jake Tapper Proves Him Right (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump held a press conference today in Washington DC.

He slammed the media from beginning of the presser to the end.

President Trump decided to speak to the American people directly today.

This comes after three straight weeks of the #FakeNews media waging war against the Trump administration.

TRUMP BLASTED THE PRESS INCLUDING CNN — saying the network was full of Such ANGER and HATE….

After the press conference CNN’s Jake Tapper went off.

Tapper accused President Trump of not focusing on the real news to push the country forward. Obviosly, Jake missed the first 15 minutes of the Trump presser– before the unhinged media attacked him for a half-hour on crazy Russian conspiracies.

Jake was very angry and hateful in his remarks.

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