Tom Cotton EMBARRASSES Chuck Todd For Relying Too Much on Anonymous Sources (VIDEO)

Tom Cotton Embarrasses Chuck Todd

During NBC’s Sunday’s Meet the Press Senator Tom Cotton absolutely embarrassed Chuck Todd over his obsession with anonymous sources.

Transcript From NewsBusters:

CHUCK TODD: And finally, I want to ask you about the Darrell Issa being open to a special prosecutor. What point is it in the best interest of the country to sort of take it away from elected partisans at this point? Whether it’s a commission– I know a select commission, outside commission or a special prosecutor. Where are you in that?

COTTON: Well, I think that’s way, way getting ahead of ourselves here, Chuck. There are no allegations of any crime occurring. There’s not even indication that there’s criminal investigations under way by the FBI as opposed to counter intelligence investigations, which the FBI conducts all the time as our main counter-intelligence bureau. If we get down that road that’s a decision that Attorney General Sessions can make at the time. But I think that’s—

TODD: Senators can call for it on their own. I mean, you called during your campaign against Mike prior. You called for a special prosecutor for the IRS. When does– How does this Russia allegation, when does that rise to that level in your mind?

COTTON: Well, I think that’s far down the road from what our inquiry might reveal in the Intelligence Committee or what the FBI’s inquiries might reveal. That’s something that can be decided down the road, but right now there’s no credible evidence of these contacts beyond anonymous sources in the media. And I’ve got to tell you, anonymous sources can’t always be trusted.

TODD: Anonymous sources are how we find out about a lot of scandal in this country.

COTTON: Anonymous sources said Steve Bannon drove from the White House to the Department of Homeland Security to confront John Kelly, which we now know is not the truth. That’s not like the tone of a conversation, that’s someone’s physical whereabouts.

TODD: I – I – I

COTTON: You cannot credit stories that are based on anonymous sources. You should look into them especially if you’re in a position of responsibility, but you can’t simply credit them.

TODD: Let me talk to you about healthcare.

Translation? Chuck Todd just got owned by Tom Cotton and had absolutely no comeback so he quickly changed topics.




H/T: NewsBusters

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