TGP White House Correspondent Exposes DNC, MSM on The Allman Report (VIDEO)

Post by Matthew Armstrong

New White House correspondent for the Gateway Pundit Lucian Wintrich recently killed it with Jamie Allman of the Allman report this past Friday. Allman asked Wintrich about the poor reception he has been getting from the more veteran members of the White House press.

“On my second day, a fellow came up to me. I went to put out my hand to shake hands and said hi I’m Lucian Wintrich, he said I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE!! Before storming off”

Allman then went on asking about the sinister collaboration between the leftist media and the DNC.

“A lot of the leftist media is acting as an extension of the democratic party. We see the leftist media even colluding with Intelligence agencies in America, as if they are not only a separate government but an extension of the democratic party. There is a lot of disturbing things going on right now, that I believe the introduction of conservative media onto the white house will correct.”

Allman then asked about Trumps epic news conference Thursday which absolutely destroyed “fake news” outlets such as CNN.

“O MY GOSH! Wish I was there for the news conference yesterday. Everyone was saying this is the man we elected. This is what we needed. I was there for the Netanyahu speech which was an incredible news conference, but me and Jim needed to be back in New York”.

Allman then asked about the reason Lucian went back to New York which was a highly educated speaking engagement which was shut down by threats from Antifa or the Anti-fascist’s movement, which many have referred to as a domestic terrorist group.

“We have these groups that are calling themselves anti-fascists but they are inhibiting free speech, they are calling for violence. We had that tiny Asian middle school teacher at UC Berkeley beating people up. Who were just passively resisting. So yes, I was met with a similar opposition (as UC Berkeley) with the NYU Antifa group who called me a fascist and had my speaking arrangement shut down because they posed a threat to the school’s administration. NYU then said I was a code level orange and need a month to prepare. Which is complete nonsense”.

Allman then asked how Lucian got the incredible position as the white house correspondent for the Gateway pundit.

“I met Jim at the RNC and at the time I was working for an advertising company. Which the company wasn’t too happy that I was openly expressing support for trump. I was terminated from that job, and then I went out and put on the first pro trump art show where all the participants were conservatives. Then Jim reached out to me and it was a great opportunity and it’s been all uphill from there”.

You can watch Lucian’s full interview with the Allman report VIA ABC30.



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