Tennessee Democrat Calls for Withdrawal of Free Speech Bill Formerly Called the “Milo Bill”

Tennessee lawmaker Rep. Mike Stewart (D-Nashville) called for the withdrawal of a free speech bill formerly called the “Milo Bill.”

The bill aims to ensure free speech on college campuses.
Stewart opposes the bill.
FOX 17 reported:

A Tennessee lawmaker is calling for the immediate withdrawal of a bill formerly known as the “Milo” bill.
Rep. Mike Stewart (D-Nashville) called for the withdrawal of HB0739 sponsored by Republican Martin Daniel. The bill aims to “ensure free, robust, and uninhibited debate and deliberations by students of Tennessee institutions whether on or off campus.”

The bill was previously named after former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos but the bill name was changed to the “Tennessee Student Free Expression Act” after videos of Yiannopoulos condoning pedophilia surfaced. On Tuesday, Yiannopoulos resigned from his post at Brietbart.

Stewart says the bill is “only the latest effort by those on the far right to elevate and promote a person whose radical fringe views should be universally condemned.”

Tennessee 2017 HB0739 Draft by wztv_fox17 on Scribd


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