Syrian Refugee Sentenced To Life In Sweden After Execution Video Emerges From Syria

From the Daily Mail

Syrian Refugee Would Not Be Allowed In The U.S. Under The Travel Ban

46-year-old Haisam Sakhanh, a Syrian refugee, was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday in Sweden after a video emerged that showed him taking part in the brutal executions of 7 men in Syria according to the Daily Mail.

Dennis Prager commented on this story by saying “How do you vet a Syrian refugee to find out if he or she is an Islamist? Call the Syrian FBI? Europe is making a fatal mistake. It is as certain as night follows day that Islamic State and other terror groups have placed terrorists among the refugees coming into Europe and the United States.”

From The Daily Mail:


The Stockholm District Court ruled that 46-year-old refugee Haisam Omar Sakhanh joined the armed group Suleiman Company in early May 2012, and shot a person dead with an assault rifle.

Judge Tomas Zander said the victim, who was not identified, was shot dead along with six others ‘under particularly cruel circumstances’.

The seven men who were shot were part of the Syrian regime who had been captured by the independent Islamist group, which was founded in 2011…

…Italian police helped investigators in Sweden to identify him via fingerprints and photos of him illegally entering the Syrian Embassy in Rome during a protest, according to the court ruling obtained by The Associated Press.

In an absolute shocker, Sakhanh just happened to forget to tell authorities about the executions and was given refugee status and permanent residence permit in early 2016.

Does anyone actually think that a terrorist is going to be honest with authorities about crimes they have committed?



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