Spike In Anti-Semitic Acts Bears Hallmark of Radical Left False Flag Operations/Anti-Israel Sentiment

75-100 of tombstones were found toppled over at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia the same week multiple cars were defaced by swastikas; in multiple cities across the United States, bomb threats were called in at a number of Jewish Community Centers and schools. This comes on the heels of President Trump’s historic meeting with Isreali PM, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Since the highly successful meeting with Netanyahu, there has been a rash of hate crimes that have all the hallmarks of a liberal false flag operation. As TGP has reported back in December, in nearly all instances of these crimes the perpetrators turn out to be liberals who have made claims. The recent, seemingly specific, targeting of Jewish Americans may be compounded by a negative attitude toward Isreal  – an attitude that is embraced by many members of the Democratic party, their leadership, and their operatives.

Speaking shortly after this string of acts, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has urged other Democrats need to stop blaming Trump’s Presidency for these crimes, but to look inward at the Democratic Party and the deep Pro-Palenstein Anti-Isreal sentiment that they created in this country. Via Kings County Politics:

“Where are the liberal leaders when Jewish cemeteries are desecrated and campuses are painted with swastikas and racial slurs?” asked Hikind. “How are the leaders of the Democrats communicating with and reigning in their followers when these crimes are committed? It’s simple. They’re not. Instead they’ve found an easy answer: Blame Trump.

“Should the President of the United States do more to stop these crimes? Absolutely. But to blame all of these anti-Semitic incidents on the Trump presidency is absurd. Anti-Semitic crimes were up 9% from 2014 to 2015. Does former President Obama fully own that?

“Suggesting someone as openly anti-Israel as Keith Ellison for the key leadership role in the Democratic Party speaks volumes about what some party leaders consider acceptable. Praising someone as vile as Linda Sarsour—a woman who spoke out in support of an Islamic Jihadist known for recruiting suicide bombers—is a chilling statement on where the Democratic Party has gone.”

Hikind acknowledged that incidents of anti-Semitism have tremendously increased, but the real question is who are the people behind these crimes.

“We know for a fact that in Europe, it’s coming from the Left. We know for a fact that the Obama administration promoted an anti-Israel bias throughout the world. But anti-Israel sentiments have been used as the last half-century’s excuse to spew anti-Jewish rhetoric. Saying that you’re anti-Israel yet support the Jewish people is just a tactic that Jew haters have adopted,” said Hikind.


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