SHOCK VIDEO: Man Shot in Leg Injects Heroin While Bleeding Out On Sidewalk

Detroit-A video was circulating on Facebook of a man who had been shot and bleeding on a sidewalk as he’s about to inject himself with heroin.

Imagine the state of mind this man is in that he no longer even has a survival instinct. He would rather shoot up drugs than receive help for a gunshot wound.

What a horrible addiction.


Fox News Detroit reports:

The man shot in the leg lies bleeding on the corner of Boulder and Fairmont in Detroit. You would think his priority would be getting help at the hospital – then you see the belt tighten around his arm.

The incident happened Monday and police say the shooting was a result of a fight in the area. The victim was on parole with a lengthy criminal history.
At last check he is in the hospital in stable condition.

VIDEO (Warning: Disturbing content)

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