SHOCK: German Parade Float Shows Beheaded President Trump

The Left (European and American) and Islamist terrorists promote the same methods for their shared enemy: Beheading. A parade float in the annual Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) Carnival parade in Düsseldorf, Germany on Monday showed a representation of the Statue of Liberty emblazoned with the words, “America Resist!”, holding the severed head of President Donald Trump in the same manner that Islamist terrorists do with beheading victims in propaganda videos.

The float was the second of a two part float display. The first part showed Trump raping the Statue of Liberty from behind.

Another float showed Trump as Darth Vadar and his cabinet officials as storm troopers from Star Wars while yet another compared him with Adolph Hitler.

Blond is the new brown–cfloat likens Trump, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders with Adolph Hitler.

More photos are available at this report by German Local.

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