Senate Report: 380 of 580 Terrorism Cases From 2001-2014 Involved Foreign-Born Islamists

A US Senate report released in 2016 by Senators Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions found that 380 out of the 580 terror related cases in the United States since 9-11 involved foreign born Islamists.

The report did not include the San Bernardino attacks that resulted in 16 deaths by Islamists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

The report also did not include the terror attacks in Minnesota and Ohio in 2016.

The Federalist reported:

If one were truly interested in whether there is a terror threat from individuals born abroad, one would examine the totality of activity, not a narrowly constructed definition aimed to minimize it. That’s what senators Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions did last June when they examined 580 individuals successfully prosecuted on terrorism offenses from September 2001 until 2014. According to the senators, 380 were foreign-born and at least 40 were refugees. While not all of those cases involved successful or attempted terror attacks, all involved cases that were terrorism-related.

FOX Business Network revealed a federal list of 24 refugees charged with terrorism from the seven nations listed as terror states in the recent executive order.

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