RUSSIAN TV Airs Footage of Migrants Torching Police Cars – Protesting in Burkas in Malmo, Sweden (VIDEO)

Russian TV1 Channel recently sent a reporter into Malmo, Sweden, the third largest city in Sweden. After years of open immigration 43% of the population of Malmo today is foreign born migrants and refugees.

During the broadcast TV1 showed migrants torching police cars on the street.

The Russian channel also aired footage of Muslims marching in Sweden in burkas.

Fria Tider reported (translated):

In a television spot in the Russian channel TV1 depicted Malmo as a horror town invaded by Muslims and about to collapse in a multicultural inferno.

The Russian TV channel sent a TV crew to the city and the viewers get to see pictures of burning and vandalized cars. In a sequence shown even how a police car sticks in the fire.

– It’s like a war zone! says a Swedish woman interviewed by the TV channel.

The woman also says that it may take two or three hours before the police come if we had break-ins since it is not considered a priority crime.

In the TV segment also mentioned the many shootings, murders and robberies in Malmö, which almost exclusively committed by immigrants from the Third World.

– I’ve been shot at, beaten, and threatened to death. My 64-year-old neighbor, a woman, has been robbed. The perpetrators were Arab immigrants, says a man for the reporter.

The reporter explains to viewers that the population of Malmö is about to be replaced by immigrants from the Third World; especially Muslims.

Via Russia TV1 Channel:

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