Rich Lowry: Liberal Media May ‘Punch Itself Out’ with Trump (VIDEO)

National Review editor Rich Lowry, not a big Trump fan, went on America’s Newsroom on Friday to discuss President Trump’s epic showdown with the liberal media on Thursday afternoon.

Rich Lowry: We have never seen anything like this from a president of the United States. This thing was combative. It was outrageous. It was playful. It was hilarious. It was fearless. It was wildly entertaining and you couldn’t take your eyes off of it…

Bill Hemmer: I think you could google “rope-a-dope, Muhammad Ali” and I think you would see a guy bobbing and weaving as if to say, “You can’t lay a glove on me. I’m moving too fast and I’m on to the next thing.” That’s how he has been.

Rich Lowry: There’s two aspects to that fight. Ali is bobbing and weaving and Forman is punching himself out. And the question is the media with the constant hysteria, with the constant sense of crisis, are they punching themselves out in the sense that they are undermining their own credibility?

Time will tell!

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