PURE FILTH: Eminem Raps About B*tch Trump and Violently Raping Ann Coulter (Video)

Eminem Releases HORRIBLE New “Song”

— Slams POTUS Trump and Raps About Raping Ann Coulter

Rapper Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, came out with another “high class” song, with typical nasty lyrics.  This time he targeted conservatives. As the entertainment industry continues to preach about how wonderful and tolerant they are, their words and actions show their intolerance and hatred.

“Make it, make it, make it, boy, we gotta make it, you can save your hand, I ain’t gotta shake it. “

With lyrics like this, how can it not win a Grammy.
He then goes on to take his shot at President Trump:

“Your man don’t want it, Trump’s a bitch. I’ll make his whole brand go under.”

What Mathers says about Ann Coulter is completely  disgusting:


Here’s where he raps about violently raping Ann Coulter:

And you’ll get a round, like Digital Underground
And f*ck Ann Coulter with a Klan poster
With a lamp post, door handle, shutter
A damn bolt cutter, a sandal, a can opener, a candle, rubber
Piano, a flannel, sucker, some hand soap, butter
A banjo and manhole cover
Hand over the mouth and nose smother
Trample ran over the tramp with the Land Rover

What filth.

Here’s the video with lyrics:


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