Piers Morgan on American Left: They Make Me Puke With Their Stinking Hypocrisy – Every Decent American Should Share My Revulsion

Nordstrom stores canceled the Ivanka Trump line this week

Nordstrom is the latest department store to cancel Ivanka Trump’s fashion line after complaints from the organized liberal mob.

The decision was made after the far left “Grab Your Wallet” campaign harassed the company for months.


A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump told NBC News that the brand had been selling well and that the move was in response to pressure from advocacy groups — a claim Nordstrom denied.

Nordstrom also released a statement attacking the president after his temporary ban on refugees from seven terror states.

The far left cheered the news.

On Thursday Piers Morgan took on the fascist American left who profess tolerance but abuse anyone – and their family members -who disagrees with them.

The Daily Mail reported:

Six weeks ago, Ivanka Trump was sitting with her husband and their three young children aboard a commercial JetBlue flight departing from JFK airport.

Another passenger, Brooklyn employment attorney Daniel Goldstein, approached her and began screaming taunts.

‘Your father is ruining the country!’ he bellowed, as he held his own baby in his owns.

Then he screamed at JetBlue staff. ‘Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private!’

Smug Brooklyn couple Matthew Lasner, left, and Dan Goldstein gleefully shared their harassment of Ivanka on Twitter.

Goldstein’s husband, a Hunter College professor named Matthew Lasner, tweeted gleefully from the plane seconds before the incident: ‘Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them.’ He added the hashtag #banalityofevil.

The pair of them, with their baby, were removed from the plane.

It’s hard to imagine more snivelling, sickening and cowardly behaviour towards a young mother as she sat quietly with her small children.

Piers Morgan goes on to blast the fascist American left and their penchant towards violence.
He closed with this:

Ivanka Trump is not responsible for her father’s political views, nor should she be punished simply because she refuses to disown a man she deeply loves.

Yet she’s being annihilated by the very same people who profess to be campaigners for freedom, democracy, tolerance and fairness.

This howling liberal mob personifies the hysterical element of the anti-Trump brigade who wants to silence, ban and abuse anyone who doesn’t share their ‘He’s the new Hitler!’ view of the new leader of the free world.

They make me puke with their stinking hypocrisy and every decent American should share my revulsion at what they are doing to Ivanka.

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