Pelosi Trashes Trump Supporters, Says: We Are Listening to Cases for Impeachment (VIDEO)

Pelosi Says Trump Supporters Will Change Their Minds

On Monday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said that Democrats are actively listening to cases being made for Trump’s impeachment.

Pelosi then went on to state that they are trying to unite the country while insinuating that Trump supporters were stupid because they had ‘not so great judgement’ voting for him and that they’ll be ready to change their minds about him once the Democrats make a case for impeachment against the President.



“Perhaps misrepresenting the American people could be cause for impeachment, if so there is plenty of grounds right now with the current President. But it just isn’t the case. That doesn’t mean nobody is listening to cases that are being made in a very scientific, methodical way as to whether there are grounds for impeachment.

But the fact is that, we’re trying to unite the country. Many of the president’s supporters are just not ready to accept the fact that their judgment might not have been so great in voting for him, and by the time the case is made, perhaps they’ll be ready to accept that. It’s very hard, impeachment. It’s very hard.”


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